Serres Park

Year: 2005
Client: Doxiadis Associates SA

The design approach of the Central Park of the Municipality of Serres used linear axis that aimed to integrate both functions (cafeteria, playground) with the green spaces.
The central idea for the composition of the park space was the organization of activities as a 'mosaic'. Park sections were proposed either exclusively for vegetation, or with human activities in a way that both relate in a compatible manner. Each individual space is associated with the adjacent, allowing an ‘easy flow’ by users.
Dominant elements of the composition are the main square and the main elliptical path that runs throughout the park. The landscape design of the open space includes squares, access paths and sub-spaces, elements with geometric forms that define the planted areas. The design of the green areas followed the size of the open spaces, the proposed uses, the internal road network and finally the surrounding areas and vistas of the area.